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Perry Joint Fire District Mission Statement

Proudly serving the community through

our dedication and commitment to

preserve life and property.

Vision Statement

           The Perry Fire Department will continue to be a cooperative team player with local neighborhood groups, schools, other government agencies and citizens working to maintain a proud, family-oriented community.
               Our efforts to plan for the organization’s future will provide us with a road map that drives decision-making, both now and in the future. We will operate under an organizational structure that enhances both accountability within the agency and responsiveness to the needs of our customers. Our organization will have a renewed focus on the skill and trained of our personnel and the development of our future leaders. Our organizational culture will be centered on a commitment to professionalism and a positive attitude. Internal communications, cooperation, and teamwork will have significantly improved to reduce distraction, increase morale, and enhance organizational success.
              Our efficient and effective response to an ever-expanding range of emergencies will provide and important and valued feeling of security among our citizens. Our services will be delivered quickly, with response times that reflect well-planned deployment of resources and an equal concern for all areas of our district. We will be increasingly responsive to the needs of all population groups, with particular emphasis on both an increasing senior population and transient workers of diverse cultures. Our mission will be accomplished by a physically fit and healthy work force, well trained in a multitude of specialized skills and empowered with a high level of involvement in out success. Our equipment will be dependable, capable and consistent with the needs of the community.
          In our area, the Perry Fire Department will be a premiere agency providing excellence in public service and, as such, will serve as a model for others seeking success in community satisfaction.


The members of the Perry Fire Department value:

The HONESTY, KNOWLEDGE, and PROFESSIONALISM of its officers and firefighters as they individually strive to serve others;

The TEAMWORK, ITEGRITY, and PRIDE of the organization as it seeks to fulfill its mission to those in need;

And the TRUST OF THE COMMUNITY that empowers it to use its resources wisely and efficiently in the delivery of critical services.

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