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Emergency Response Services


The Perry Joint Fire District is a full service fire department offering emergency medical response (both basic and advanced life support); fire suppression operations: hazardous materials response; motor vehicle accident response and water/ice and technical rope rescue operations. Our 40 full-and part-time firefighters cover 25 square miles with Lake Erie to the North and the Grand River to the South with two stations strategically located to protect 10,800 residents and respond to their calls for help. Preplanning, inspections and emergency preparedness are an ongoing part of the daily activities of the district. The Perry Joint Fire District covers 200 pre-planned businesses and critical infrastructures which include two (2) railway lines and two (2) state routes that are of the evacuation routes for the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. The Perry Joint Fire District is also part of both local mutual aid systems for three (3) counties as well as the  Ohio Emergency Response Plan system. The Perry Joint Fire District is part of and automatic mutual aid system with all three (3) neighboring departments including the largest township in Ohio. The district houses and operates the east end county air truck response unit.


When the Perry Joint Fire District is not responding to alarms they are busy with station and apparatus maintenance; public education training; tactical hands on drills and training; physical fitness and staying current with changes in the communtiy. There is an ongoing commitment to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of fire science and emergency medical care training.

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