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Perry Fire has been dispatched to the area of Lane Rd. And Rt. 20 numerous times for reports of a fire that can be seen in the Landfill. This fire is a normal process and is not a hazard. Below there are some questions and answers that hopefully clear up any misunderstandings.

1. When was the gas flare installed? 1998

2. How tall is the gas flare? 50 feet to the top of the 15 inch flare pipe

3. What is the purpose of the gas flare? The purpose of the gas flare is to burn off methane gas in a controlled manner.

4. What does the flare do?
Methane gas is produced by the decomposition of organic materials in the landfill, the gas is extracted and used by local businesses. Additional gas that is not being sold is burned off safely as a flare. A computer controls the amount of gas extracted, verifies that the flame is present, and records the data.

5. When does it burn? It can burn safely 24/7. The flame of the gas flare can be seen much more easily at night when the surrounding landscape is dark and during the winter when all the trees have shed their leaves.

6. Is it harmful? The gas flare is safely and securely monitored at all times by Energy Developments, Inc. who lease the rights to the generated gas. Any potential health effects from the methane gas are removed by the gas flare destroying the methane, like your natural gas furnace, stove or oven.

I hope some of these questions and answers clear up any confusion.

Info courtesy of:

David Schick,
Public Service Coordinator
Lake County Department of Utilities

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