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Job Posting


Fiscal Officer

Perry Joint Fire District


Perry Joint Fire District is accepting resumes for a part-time Fiscal Officer.  Requirements:  15 hours per week as schedule with the Fire Chief, knowledge with payroll, account receivable, account payable, UAN software.  Must provide current State Government Training Certifications or be able to obtain 6 hours of initial newly appointed State Auditor training; 2 hours of Ohio Ethics training; 3 hours of Public Records training; and 6 hours of State Treasurer Center for Public Investment Training within the first year.  For more information--visit our website at:  www.perryfire-lake.com

Submit resume to:  Perry Joint Fire District, PO Box 439, Perry, OH 44081 by January 31, 2020 at 4:00 PM.





Finance           Maintain accurate financial records (checking, accounts receivable, accounts payable)


                         Levies (New and Renewal)

                         Grants – FEMA and State

                         Work with State Auditor on Audit


Budgeting       Develop and track budget and appropriations


Reporting       Annual report to the State Auditor

                        Monthly operating reports to Fire Board and Fire Chief

                        Prepare payroll reports for Ohio Police & Fire and Public Employees Retirement System


Payroll            Prepare payroll on bi-weekly basis

                        Payroll reporting and tracking

                        Monthly payments to federal, state, and local tax collections agencies

                        Quarterly reporting – Federal 941 and Ohio Dept. Job-Family Service wage detail

                        Yearly – Employee W-2’s


Investments    Track interest payments

                         Maintain investment records

                         Gather information on new types of investments


Depository      Liaison with banking institutions


Clerk              Prepare minutes for board meetings

                        Distribution of materials for all board meetings

                        Preparation of certain resolutions and ordinances

                        Public hearing and meeting notifications to media

                        Preparation of public and legal notices

                        Attendance at all board meetings


Personnel       Familiarity with pension benefits (OPERS and OP&F), deferred compensation options.  Work with Chief and Department Secretary on                                      workers’ compensation claims, health, dental and life insurance benefits.


Other              Attend State required continuing education programs

                       Knowledge with UAN, Word and Excel

                       Notary helpful

                       Assist Fire Board members, Chief, Captain, and Department Secretary as needed

                       Assist other personnel as needed


Report To:     Fire Chief and Fire Board


Work Schedule:  15 hours per week as schedule with the Fire Chief


What can you burn in the neighborhood?


FOr part time Firefighter in Perry

Want to be a Perry Fire Explorer? Click below for more information.

Perry Fire has been dispatched to the area of Lane Rd. And Rt. 20 numerous times for reports of a fire that can be seen in the Landfill. This fire is a normal process and is not a hazard. Below there are some questions and answers that hopefully clear up any misunderstandings.

1. When was the gas flare installed? 1998

2. How tall is the gas flare? 50 feet to the top of the 15 inch flare pipe

3. What is the purpose of the gas flare? The purpose of the gas flare is to burn off methane gas in a controlled manner.

4. What does the flare do?
Methane gas is produced by the decomposition of organic materials in the landfill, the gas is extracted and used by local businesses. Additional gas that is not being sold is burned off safely as a flare. A computer controls the amount of gas extracted, verifies that the flame is present, and records the data.

5. When does it burn? It can burn safely 24/7. The flame of the gas flare can be seen much more easily at night when the surrounding landscape is dark and during the winter when all the trees have shed their leaves.

6. Is it harmful? The gas flare is safely and securely monitored at all times by Energy Developments, Inc. who lease the rights to the generated gas. Any potential health effects from the methane gas are removed by the gas flare destroying the methane, like your natural gas furnace, stove or oven.

I hope some of these questions and answers clear up any confusion.

Info courtesy of:

David Schick,
Public Service Coordinator
Lake County Department of Utilities

Is your smoke detector working?

We might be able to help you check. Firefighters can come to your home and check your smoke detector to be sure it is operating properly and located in an appropriate location.  Click below to learn more.

   Recent changes to the Ohio       Fire Code and National Fire     Protection Association (NFPA)

now include recent updates of NFPA 25 (Sprinkler Testing and Maintenance). There have been a number of questions regarding testing and inspection frequencies. The following chart reveals the new Inspection and Testing requirements in regards to frequency. Some inspections on signaling devices are now required quarterly while testing is still done on an annual basis. Please review these changes with your sprinkler maintenance provider.  If you have any questions regarding this information please call the Prevention Office of the Perry Joint Fire District at

                      440 259-3249.

Perry Fire Station #1

3742 Center Rd Perry, OH 44081

Office Hours 8AM-5PM

Department Number (440) 259-2880

Department Fax Number (440) 259-3680

Perry Fire Station #2

3870 South Ridge Rd Perry, OH 44081

Department Number (440) 259-3251

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Fiscal Officer Job Available